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Race Dates 2019

Mallory Park Practice Day
March 22nd

Mallory Park
April 13th - 14th

Darley Moor
May 18th - 19th

Lydden Hill
June 22nd - 23rd

Mallory Festival Of
A 1000 Bikes
July 12th - 14th

July 27th - 28th

Three Sisters
August 10th -11th

Cadwell Park
Sept 28th - 29th



Team Wildcard Racing The Bikes


Triumph Metisse 500

Miki rides this 1966 Triumph Metisse with a Datona engine. Kindly on loan from Robert Burke.


Ariel VH 500 Single

Miki rides this Ariel VH 500 built in 1955 with a TT Carb and Cammy engine.


Triumph 350 Twin

Phil rides this Triumph 350 owned by Lenny. It's got a primary belt drive and interspan ignition.


Triumph/Norton Racing Outfit

Built in 1958 from a 1954 6T 650 Triumph engine in an altered 1954 Norton featherbed frame with a Norton gearbox. Has an extensive racing history from 1958 up to the present day.

TWC Racing P

Phils 125 Liquid Cooled Bantam

Has been raced with the Bantam Club for many years and is highly competetive. Brand new paintwork for 2009.

TWC Racing

Phils 160cc Bantam “Josie” 1959

Originally raced in the 70’s & 80’s by Josie Curtis. Passed on to Phil by Trevor Johnston on the condition it is passed on again when Phil stops racing it. Bored out from a 125 this bike has won the 175 championship for the last two years running, first with Phil riding, and last season with me at the controls.

Mk 11 Amal
Motoplat ignition
3 speed close ratio box
KTM rod
TZR piston
Todd head
Metal profile forks
Hagon shocks
Avon race tyre

TWC Racing

My 250 Two Valve Rudge Sport 1934

Originally raced for 20 years by the late Tim Johnston, who lent the bike to me when I first started racing in 2003. After his death on the Isle of Man I brought the bike. Finished 6th place in the pre 62, 250cc championship 2007. This is the bike I eventually want to win the championship on.

1934 Rudge with a 1935 two valve head
Alloy wheels with bearing conversion and banding on the drums
Amal TT carb
Bigger inlet valve and tract
Runs on Methanol to keep the cast iron barrel cool
Avon race tyres
Straight through exhaust at the moment although I may have to fit a silencer soon due to noise restrictions, it only just scrapes through the 105 dB limit

TWC Racing

Rudge 250cc Two Valve Sport 1934

This is the bike I have built from scratch as a spare and tester, and it was used in several races last year by Phil and myself. Frame and main engine parts are pre 1934, with the exception of the two valve head which is 1935. New wheels built around original hubs and drums, alloy rims, stainless spokes, banded drums for strength and cooling, sealed bearing conversion.

BTH mag
Amal TT carb
One off high comp piston which I found in a box of bits so will have to come up with something else when that one goes.
Straight through exhaust
Similar performance to the other Rudge
For the 2008 season I am racing the BSA C15 in the 250 championship and the other Rudge in the pre 34 class. It is unlikely that this bike will get out on the track for the coming season

TWC Racing

Chris's Triumph Silver Outfit

Triumph Twin 750cc Racing Outfit


Bike Archive

TWC Racing

BSA C15 250cc 1960

This is the bike I brought at the end of last year and took out a couple of times at Cadwell. I have now rebuilt it and will be competing in the 250 championship on it this year 2008

Lightened crank
Timing side bearing conversion
High comp. rocket 3 piston
Cr gearbox
Upgraded brakes
B50mx cam
Boyer ignition

TWC Racing

Honda VFR400 NC30 1991

Recently brought this bike from a racing friend who has raced it on the Isle of Man GP for a couple of years. I am taking it for a track day tomorrow! 02/02/08 I will let you know how I got on

NC30 adapted for racing
Racing fairing
Rear sets
Race exhaust
Steering damper
Chain guard
Race tyres
Oil plugs etc. lock wired

TWC Racing

350 Ducati Desmo

Farrer Ducati owned by Gav Pearson which I will be
racing in the Ducati championship this year.